Pods 5.1 Database

PODS 5.1 Database

All of Cylo Technologies' products are built on the PODS 5.1 foundation. Using the PODS 5.1 architecture, Cylo harnesses the enhanced scalability, reliability, performance, and control of Microsoft's SQL 2012 to create a complete set of enterprise-ready technologies and tools that help people derive the most value from Pipeline Integrity Information at the lowest total-cost-of-ownership. Cylo Technologies has created a PODS environment that allows users to enjoy high levels of performance, availability, and security; employ more productive Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) and development tools; and deliver pervasive integrity insight, all within your current Windows architecture.

Many PODS users face similar issues, translating into a common goal to make industry best practices a fundamental in the design of the PODS database. Cylo Technologies has adopted that strategy rather than trying to “re-invent the wheel” and force operators to purchase, install and manage additional systems to support their existing PODS implementation. The value of the shared experiences of the operators within the PODS organization cannot be overstated in the design and operation of a successful data management system.

In keeping with Cylo’s desire to create customer-centric Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) products and solutions we fully support the collaborative efforts of the PODS organization.