About Us

About Us

Cylo Technologies was formed as a partnership of technology companies with long histories of software innovation and GIS expertise. Since 2009, we have been developing a cutting edge ILI management and analysis system in cooperation with industry leaders in pipeline operations.

CyloPipe focuses on data integration and management, displaying ILI information, and any other asset data, in an interactive map. CyloPipe streamlines your integrity management process by integrating and modeling any data source from your entire asset base into one PODS 5.1 compliant system in order to provide industry leading capability, performance, and cost effectiveness. CyloPipe provides the capability to find critical defects as reported in an ILI run utilizing customized corporate dig criteria within minutes of beginning an analysis within the system.

As Cylo's expertise with relational spatial databases has grown, we are actively developing multiple spatially-enabled mapping software solutions that are anchored on the utilization of the latest PODS database model and SQL server's spatial data implementations. These include a browser based web map that delivers spatial data reporting, an excavation recording and management system, and integration with record management systems that provides document and file association with any spatial asset stored in PODS.

Cylo Technologies is proud to support the ongoing innovation and development of the PODS database model and continues to be very happy with the architectural foundation that it has provided for our product offerings.

Calgary, AB Canada