ILI Loading

Cylo Technologies brings more than 20 years of excavation field experience into focus with CyloPipe.

PODS 5.1 and Microsoft SQL 2012 enable Cylo Technologies to manage ILI data at a real world sub meter level.

Unlike conventional systems which use "dynamic segmentation" Cylo Technologies uses a true 3D model to place ILI data on the centerline - the result is stunningly accurate location information.

ILI analysis becomes far more efficient when the data is stored in a validated and structured format, such as is implemented in PODS 5.1. Having the ILI data stored in an efficient database allows access to ILI data in an unfiltered manner, which is key to fully utilizing the information, and for fully understanding the condition of your pipelines.

Cylo Technologies has worked with operators and ILI vendors to create a vendor neutral and a technology neutral procedure to incorporate and load ILI data into PODS.

Key Features:

  • ILI Vendor Neutral
  • ILI Technology Neutral
  • Align ILI features with “real world” location (sub meter*)
  • Dynamically resolves position with pipeline movement (corrections)
  • Normalized ILI Feature and Type data
  • No requirement for 3rd party software (fully housed in PODS)
  • Comprehensive feature matching
  • Weld matching

*When Centerline and digital elevation model have sufficient accuracy.