Asset Mapping

Cylo Technologies' services allow you to fully leverage your PODS 5.1 data. Examples include creation of centerline routing maps, 3D profiles from DEM models, and RP1162 public awareness structure address lists. Supporting information such as cultural, environmental, and other "off-line" events can also be added.

  • Creation of digital centerlines from as-built survey sheets and survey notes
  • Addition of aerial photography
  • Aerial Photo validation of Centerline location
  • Centerline adjustment using IMU ILI and GPS
  • Non-Spatial ILI mapping
  • Centerline profiles DEM (digital elevation model)
  • RP 1162 compliant structure identification from aerial photography
  • RP1162 Structure address information
  • HCA mapping
  • Incident Data Mapping - releases, spills, near-misses
  • Land ownership data mapping
  • Land use and soil classification mapping
  • Tax district mapping
  • One-call maps and ticket management
  • Template for system maps (data driven)