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We engineer customer-centric Pipeline Integrity Management (PIM) products and solutions that let you design the most effective processes and access the most relevant information to complete your Pipeline Integrity work, whatever your role, wherever you are.


CyloPipe is an advanced Integrated ILI Mapping, Management and Assessment System.  CyloPipe streamlines your integrity management processes by integrating and modeling any data source from your entire asset base into one PODS 5.1 compliant system. We focus on data integration and management, and display all data in an interactive map view.

  • Inherently data driven ILI management software solution
  • Modular; meets any company specific regulatory needs
  • Leverages PODS historical data, automated ILI comparison with NDE inspection programs and results
  • Hosts unstructured data types and records using innovative spatial document management integration
  • Handles unfiltered ILI data with unlimited record sizes to allow coating condition visualization

Tape Bagging Defect Pattern

About Us

Cylo Technologies was formed as a partnership of technology companies with long histories of software innovation and GIS expertise. Since 2009, we have been developing a cutting edge ILI management and analysis system in cooperation with industry leaders in pipeline operations.